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Smart Home- Security and home automation via the user friendly mobile app

Alarm.com Authorized Dealer

Your Alarm.com powered system will seamlessly connect all the key devices in your home providing you with smart, responsive and intelligent automation.  Enjoy advanced control, better awareness, and the most reliable state-of-the-art technology today!

The user-friendly mobile app enables your devices to all talk to each other. Instead of sending single commands to your lights, thermostat, garage door and door locks, everything works together with customizable triggers. You can do less, but get an added level of security and convenience.

Dell Smart Home Solutions Security Services offers:

  • The Smartest Mobile App for Your Home
  • Dedicated Wireless System Monitoring
  • Remote Access and Control from Anywhere
  • Real-Time Activity Alerts and Notifications
  • Live & Recorded Video Monitoring
  • Effortless Energy Management
  • Seamlessly Connected, Intelligent Automation