Your favourite music in every room

Music…turning your house into a home.

Imagine all your family’s music brought together in a single system and accessible from anywhere in the house. Everyone can select their own music from any room and listen wherever they are.

With a simple touch of your music button turns your everyday routines into something enjoyable. When getting ready in the morning, with a touch of one button it turns on your favorite morning radio show on in the shower. Heading downstairs to make lunches for the kids, one touch puts on your favorite tunes in the kitchen. Your day continues with music around you if you choose. Putting away groceries, folding laundry, cleaning the house, entertaining dinner guests, everything is just that much more pleasant with music in your life!

Dinner guest arriving in 15 minutes? Press your “Party” button to turn on music in all the rooms of your home to a preset volume and genre perfect for that dinner party! Entertaining your friends will also be much easier when you have your “party” playlist that will just take you a minute to throw together.